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5/16/21 Jupiter in Pisces: Round 1

This time isn’t really a “battle” but we do like the idea of a ring, mano a mano.  The trust in the ALL within or the ALL without.  If you give your trust in what’s “right” to an external and that external does you wrong, you call yourself a victim.  And if you are a […]

What is the Age of Aquarius?

This is a time of transition on the planet.  Over the next four years you will all begin to embody the next phase of humanity as a unity consciousness.  It is a window of opportunity for the collective to increase and broaden their awareness and then begin to bring that into form.  To turn that […]

On “The Great Conjunction: December 21, 2020”

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius this December is getting quite a bit of press.  So I decided to check in with the All That Is, to get the big picture perspective on what we can all expect for my Birthday party…. xoxo, M. This astronomical event is a symbol of the successful […]

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