5/16/21 Jupiter in Pisces: Round 1

This time isn’t really a “battle” but we do like the idea of a ring, mano a mano.  The trust in the ALL within or the ALL without.  If you give your trust in what’s “right” to an external and that external does you wrong, you call yourself a victim.  And if you are a […]

What is the Age of Aquarius?

This is a time of transition on the planet.  Over the next four years you will all begin to embody the next phase of humanity as a unity consciousness.  It is a window of opportunity for the collective to increase and broaden their awareness and then begin to bring that into form.  To turn that […]

On “The Great Conjunction: December 21, 2020”

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius this December is getting quite a bit of press.  So I decided to check in with the All That Is, to get the big picture perspective on what we can all expect for my Birthday party…. xoxo, M. This astronomical event is a symbol of the successful […]

11/11 – Invitations are in the Mail

This day is one about celebration.  Regardless of where humans are on their journey, they will be making huge leaps.  But these leaps always happen in a moment.  Regardless of how large a jump you are making, it is always one choice in one NOW.  Those of you who have released the densest frequencies will […]

A Scoprio season message for Wayshowers

This is a time for all of you to begin to flow into the changes.  It is no longer all about creating and sitting in the friction that is a catalyst for these shifts. It’s time to live them and see them come into form.  The election that is coming up will show the American […]

On why we limit abundance…

You are all worthy of anything you desire.  You just don’t realize where that desire comes from, and so you judge it and then your ego tries to place it in an acceptable box  A box that society and safety built. A box that is made out of “what I am not” and only leaves […]

9/21/20 Autumn Equinox

The portal of this equinox is presenting the opportunity for humanity to choose, on every level, which belief structures are ready to be released.  This is different for everyone and also what all portals present. The idea that we can make these decisions more consciously is what is important right now.  People will start to […]

On Allowing Yourself to be Re-known…

Allowing yourself to be re-known is not as difficult as the ego thinks it will be.  Take each thing, each idea or concept of who you are and how you interact with the world outside of you, and remember that it is energy and has a frequency that can change simply by how you choose […]

“I would never choose “that”….

When we say that you are making a choice, we are saying you, as the being-in-form, have chosen a frequency and have chosen to encounter an experience that matches that frequency.  It is not a choice of the ego.  It is not a choice of the conscious part of you. The choice may say “I […]

[8/14/20] On achromatic color & invites to the New Earth

Achromatic color: Relating to lenses that transmit light without separating it into constituent colors. Colors that have lightness but no hue or saturation. Achromatic lenses are corrected to bring two wavelengths into focus on the same plane. This is in reference to where the human collective is at this moment, energetically.  Two fields of understanding.  […]


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