5/16/21 Jupiter in Pisces: Round 1

This time isn’t really a “battle” but we do like the idea of a ring, mano a mano.  The trust in the ALL within or the ALL without.  If you give your trust in what’s “right” to an external and that external does you wrong, you call yourself a victim.  And if you are a victim you must look for a perpetrator.  And if there are perpetrators in the world, you are unsafe so you must look for someone to save you.  And the cycle continues, always looking outside of you for “who did what TO me.” It can be a fun game, always re-drawing the characters into something new.  And you may continue to play that game, and create more characters.  More knights, more princesses in towers and more “bad guys” to battle.  It’s always a choice and we do not condone anyone who wants to continue to learn and experience that way.

But there may be a more obvious battle going on right inside of you. And if they aren’t wearing costumes, maybe you can get right to the point and the problem. Maybe you can resolve it more easily.  Maybe if the bad guy looks just like YOU, you can understand him…even KNOW him (or her).  You can forgive them because you know where they’ve been and what they’ve been through.  And increasingly, there won’t be any bad guys, then there won’t be any victims, and with no victims to need saving there won’t be need for any saviors, either.  You can save those white horses for a jolly ride though the fields! And more important matters like carrying picnic baskets to a sunny spot.  

So over the next few months of these energies, take the opportunity to learn about YOU.  Learn how to trust everything that is within you and begging to be looked at, acknowledged, and loved.  It was always there for a reason. It was always the “right” and “moral” and “wise” way of understanding and viewing the world. You were a victim so you could understand lack at every level. You were a savior so that you could understand harnessing your power.  You were the “evil other” so that you could investigate being something other than LOVE and fathom the expanse of Separation. 

And when Jupiter arrives back in Aquarius, you’ll be ready to make new friends out of old enemies, because you’ve met them on fresh earth. Who knows, maybe you’ll ride off into the sunset together….on horseback. xxoo

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