What is the Age of Aquarius?

This is a time of transition on the planet.  Over the next four years you will all begin to embody the next phase of humanity as a unity consciousness.  It is a window of opportunity for the collective to increase and broaden their awareness and then begin to bring that into form.  To turn that awareness, that higher knowing, into a beautiful physical creation.  As this higher knowing and understanding is awakened in those who are in positions to shift the larger societal institutions, you will see things change en masse as well.  

It always starts with the individuals and then multiplies.  The more you trust yourself and love every aspect of the “you” with your name, the more power you give all other aspects of you to feel and to know their own safety, love, worthiness, and power.  It’s all connected.  The more you can love the “bad guys” and know that they can not hurt you, the more empowerment you send to that aspect of you. Empowerment, healing, transformation, and love in its highest form is the most viral and contagious compound in the Universe.  No one is immune… not even those of us in the non-physical!

This is a lesson that your leaders and media have taught you this past year.  You are infecting people you don’t even know with this virus of transformation! You are all powerful transmitters of light and all you have to do is BE YOU. Your beautiful and authentic highest self. 

Welcome in this new bird’s eye view of your experiences, whether they be from your “past” or your “present”. Looking at them with new eyes will open up so many opportunities for more love, new choices and a whole new way of being.  We love you all and are sending cannons of confetti for your celebrations! xxoo

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