On “The Great Conjunction: December 21, 2020”

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius this December is getting quite a bit of press.  So I decided to check in with the All That Is, to get the big picture perspective on what we can all expect for my Birthday party…. xoxo, M.

This astronomical event is a symbol of the successful expansion of your consciousness as a planet. It is a jumping off point.  Like climbing to the next highest diving board and being brave enough to jump! But don’t expect an Olympic level dismount.  You all will be making choices on this day. Not always conscious choices, but ones that will propel you into a much different “NOW” point. A timeline shift for the ages! This will not necessarily be obvious on the day with big collective news or even personal events.  But it is big.  Just like the harmonic convergence and 2012 were choice points, this will be as well. And things take time to manifest out into the physical. You need time to create them and make your lives rich with experience and full of great beauty.

Because you chose to experience the perspective of playing this out within linear time.  There are many other “you’s” that are experiencing this exact even in other perspectives, not in linear time.  But the funnest perspective is that of those of you on Earth, in human form.  While it may seem “hard” and trying to experience, it might help to remember that there are many beings who are quite jealous of you right now!  You received an invitation to the party, while many others are just cater-waiters watching from the sidelines. 

What beautiful adventurers will you have? What romantic moments and forever memories will you create? WHAT WILL YOU WEAR?!  So much fun to be had and creation to create!  The holiday season is often a time of celebration on your planet and we say…let down your hair, kick off your shoes and join in on the fun, in any NOW moment that you can.  Because you are in charge of how you experience this and how you react. You are always in charge. You, the human aspect of you, is the most creative aspect because when you create within limits you have to get a little unconventional. 

And that is why we are trusting YOU to build this New Earth you’re all waiting so impatiently for! Those of you who are BORED and tired of the conventional.  Those of you itching for something different, something never seen before! And you have deep memories of all that has been done on planet Earth before, so there will not be a “return” to Atlantis or Pan or Lemuria.  Those are tired old notions that don’t serve the new. And you also have memories of other star systems, and civilizations all over the Universe.  Those won’t do either! Your star brothers and sisters and angelic friends are all looking to YOU, humanity, to come up with “what comes next.”  So there is no reason to ask us, or anyone or anything outside of you for the game plan or the blueprints. They haven’t been drawn yet. We gave you the paint brush, the colors, the canvas.  These tools were collected over the entire history of the YOUniverse.  They are your memories, your experiences, your knowing, your beautiful creations.  And we are speaking of the you that is the ALL.  That is the US and the THEY.

You are all powerful creators and we are entrusting our most precious creation to you.  And the best part is…YOU CAN’T GET IT WRONG!  It’s fail-proof, as is everything the creator has ever done is. And there also is no racing to beat a clock….there is no time limit because you are limitless! Your creation never ends, only your fear of it does. 

“What happens on the 21st of December?” You remember. And that remembering will be wrapped in whatever trimmings you desire in however big, or small, a box you’ve built for yourself. But it is always filled with the same thing….and that is LOVE. And we are all so excited to watch you unwrap your gifts! xxoo

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