11/11 – Invitations are in the Mail

This day is one about celebration.  Regardless of where humans are on their journey, they will be making huge leaps.  But these leaps always happen in a moment.  Regardless of how large a jump you are making, it is always one choice in one NOW.  Those of you who have released the densest frequencies will be connecting more and BEing more in those higher states.  That is where you need to be, as much as possible.  That is where the creation of the new earth will take place and the more time you can spend there, in joyous creation, the faster humanity will ascend.  

The idea of the “NOW” vs any other “time” is an important one to embody at this time.  Because the NOW is where that joyous creation we just spoke about occurs. Not in the “past” or a future that is based on a “past” but in the feelings, the knowings, the beliefs of the NOW.  Staying in the present moment will allow all the healing that is needed right now for everyone on the planet. Imagine a conveyor belt that pulls you along past all of the experiences you need to acknowledge, the feelings you need to feel, the remembering that is needing to come through.  The NOW will pull you towards whatever you need and wherever your highest callings require you to be in. So if there is one tool we can give you to navigate the next few weeks and years, it is practicing placing yourself here.  Removing your connection to the “past” or “future.” Neither of these ever existed beyond your ego’s assumptions and protections. They were always just imaginary walls. 

We are also requesting that you place the “other” here as well, in the NOW.  Remember that they also have the choice, the ability, the responsibility to make these leaps in every now.  The BIG ones and the little ones.  Every being that you see, that you encounter in contrast, can make those large leaps in every now.  Some of them have been holding themselves in lower states TO HELP YOU. To show you contrast and to trigger your awakening.  If you leap ahead, there is no longer a reason for them to stay in those denser states.  Working on yourselves, on your own growth and evolution, releases them. It is a gift you both give to each other. Seeing each other for who and what you truly are. 

Imagine the 11:11 symbol as this acknowledgement of the “other,” as you.  I see you and you see me, as the ALL.  As two lines that never end.  As mirrors to each other. It is you seeing me as me seeing you. A paradox we know, but also exactly the idea that this universe was created out of.  As Love separated from Source, but also part of it. These concepts will begin to get easier to understand as you hold higher states.  There is no need to rush the understanding of them, as you can FEEL them now, and always have. 

There will be some hard times ahead for the collective, but they won’t SEEM as hard because you are all experiencing them in higher frequencies. All allowing them more, all accepting them more. Which is why there is so much to celebrate! We are sending you all so much love and limitless joy from which to mold your next beautiful NOW. xxoo

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