On why we limit abundance…

You are all worthy of anything you desire.  You just don’t realize where that desire comes from, and so you judge it and then your ego tries to place it in an acceptable box  A box that society and safety built. A box that is made out of “what I am not” and only leaves the tiniest space inside for “what I AM.”  You all desire to KNOW yourself as the ALL. And part of that responsibility is to have different experiences. As we’ve said before, until you know and accept yourself as certain things you will keep getting those experiences, some of which are unpleasant to say the least.  But your truest desire to KNOW what you are drives you forward through the tough stuff. It is always forward, even if it doesn’t seem that way. 

Cause and effect are not linear. Life gets a lot easier when we can truly accept this fact. Creating gets a lot easier when we allow ourselves to get what we need to know more, instead of insisting that it be something we can understand and expect. If we can show you health and then take it away you will learn faster than if you always have it. Sometimes the cart comes before the horse. You may not know what the horse is for if you don’t have a cart that needs pulling.  It’s the classic chicken or the egg conundrum.  They are both right, depending on your perspective. Your ego’s insistence on using the “past” to dictate which order is correct is what keeps you locked into these unpleasant patterns.  And why does the ego do this? Because that’s it’s job. It is the tool that helps you navigate 3D and linear time.  It only knows how to create based on what came before, as that is the only data it has access to.  When you start to exist at higher levels you realize that the past is created from the present, just as the future is.  The limits the ego puts on you only protects you from this great expanse that is the ALL, so that you can focus on the now, and make choices.  But you don’t always do that.  

You stick to the narrow hallway in front of you because choosing anything you can’t see, can’t expect, is more terrifying than re-living the same horrors and pain over and over and over again.  You choose limits over abundance because of fear of the unknown. Will I be destitute? Hurt? Cause pain? Be dead and GONE FOREVER?!  The answer to that is: “Only if you need those things.”  

But the true self is much more creative than the ego.  We have such wonderful surprising things planned if you were all just brave enough to allow them to come through.  To know yourself as MORE and therefore worthy of MORE. Start to look at your “have-tos” and start asking yourself “why?” Find out what comes up in your body.  If the feeling is of fun and joy and beauty, then that’s a good sign that thing is leading you somewhere fun! If the feeling is filled with lack and fear then it’s probably a good idea to let whatever that is go, and make space for something new to come in.  That’s how abundance grows, through small choices to accept more of the good stuff in.  To ALLOW without the expectations and limits of a past that isn’t even real.

Money is a symbol.  It is currently a very popular symbol for your worth, and your worthiness, on the Earth plane.  We will let you in on a trick.  If you expect money to come to you in expected ways, you are limiting it’s path to you.  Expectations are always limiting.  You just need to KNOW and recognize your worth and whatever it is that you desire, including money – if it’s needed, will come to you. We know it is tempting to guess at some magic way it could show up, but you are using a human brain and it doesn’t come up with the fun stuff your higher self can. Many times you have to give up something your ego insists that you “NEED” in order to make space for more things, so it seems like something bad is happening.  Fight the urge to label that as “loss.” Try to see it as a new limitless credit card that you can charge whatever you want to…and the universe get’s the bill! xxoo

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