A Scoprio season message for Wayshowers

This is a time for all of you to begin to flow into the changes.  It is no longer all about creating and sitting in the friction that is a catalyst for these shifts. It’s time to live them and see them come into form.  The election that is coming up will show the American collective where their focus will be, on positive and powerful ways of accepting others, or continuing to battle for your own acceptance.  These are both valid, and there are plans for reaching unity on both paths.  They will just just look different.  And these are for the collective.  Individuals still get to choose how this plays out in their own lives.  But it is coming to the point where real change will be visible and notable. We are very excited to watch how this plays out.

What you all, individually, can do at this time to help enact the change in a calm, peaceful way, is to be more authentic. Be more loving and accepting and allowing of yourself and others.  Trust in every unique quirk and personality trait you bring to the earth plane.  It is all for a reason and an important part of the plan. Start to recognize all of these as holding a unique energetic signature that is necessary to help move humanity forward.  We need more of the parts of you that you have felt needed to be hidden and rejected.  This is the time where those energies are needed to create something new.  A world made from freedom and uniqueness and creative expression. 

To get these authentic energies flowing, you will be asked to release those old beliefs that held you back, and held YOU in.  To release the fear of going against the grain and veering off the path that society built for you. That path never led you to yourself, it led you further into fear and into hiding.  We realize the new path looks quite frightening as it’s rarely been tread on and may appear to be full of weeds and snakes and spiders. But once you’re safely on your journey, you will find yourself on a flowing river, and the universe will take over navigation. You don’t need a map or a good sense of direction because your ego-self is not the captain.  But to find this river you are being asked to adopt unconditional acceptance and allowing. It’s the only way.  Love each other.  Love the “darkest” parts of yourself and others.  They are just part of the knowing of the ALL.  They are just the parts that deny they are LOVE.  Show them they are loved and they are LOVE.  That is your job here as the Wayshower. It’s time to go all in on authenticity and we can’t wait to see you all shining your beautiful and unique lights around the world. xxoo

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