9/21/20 Autumn Equinox

The portal of this equinox is presenting the opportunity for humanity to choose, on every level, which belief structures are ready to be released.  This is different for everyone and also what all portals present. The idea that we can make these decisions more consciously is what is important right now.  People will start to see the consciousness that they are clearing more clearly now.  They can still choose to react to it in whichever way resonates.  You are making BIG leaps and BIG shifts are hard to ignore.  These will happen to some more collectively as that is where their focus is, and to some on a more personal level.  

YOU, as Maranda, are clearing up some very deep rooted beliefs around worth and safety.  How they are enmeshed in most people’s minds.  As you do this for yourself, you do it for the ALL.  You are worthy of everything you can imagine and if you KNOW your worth beyond a “shadow” of a doubt (as that is what doubt is…shadow, or the “not self”) then you know you are also safe from anything.  You do not need fear, nor do you see fear.  Because regardless of what you “are” – even the “baddest of the bad guys” YOU are worthy of abundance and love.  Because you ARE and “they” ARE Love and abundance and Joy and the most divine vibrations.  There is a “timeline” for humanity’s most infamous villains where they brought great beauty and love to the planet.  But they all existed, as have you, in an environment that colors that beauty and love with shadows and fear.  The amount of compassion that the Holocaust brought to the earth plane in it’s wake, is an incredible gift. And because of the environment and frequency the earth was in at the time, there was no other way than to bring that shadow of hatred and fear of those unlike us, to the surface to be seen and a choice made to love the “other.” Hitler and his team’s actions, regardless of how terrifying, unleashed that incredible energy onto the planet and was crucial to where you are now in your ascension.  It is impossible for someone vibrating at a lower density to see this perspective and impossible for you at your level to NOT see it.  It is time to see ALL actions and experiences as beneficial to the One’s knowing of itself.  It adds color and beauty and depth to the ALL.  And ALL of your being and doing put you in a space of worth.  You are worthy of everything you want, and you are coming out of the space where a “higher” version of you gets to do the picking.  What is right in front of you is something you are worthy of.  It will all fall into place once you decide, once and for all that you are SAFE.

Because you can’t get it wrong.  You can’t make a choice of sacrifice.  But you do have to allow yourself to be making these choices from a place without fear and limits, because that is the place your previously “higher” self saw this path laid out for you.  And what is perfect and what you need in this now moment is all you need to worry about.  You do not need to fear that timing won’t be what you want it to be.  That is fear and that is limiting.  You deserve to have the body and the wardrobe and the home and the things that “money” seemingly buys.  You don’t need the “greenest” energy source because you KNOW that is not how any of this works.  You give and get based on what your unique energetic signature is here to offer.  You give soooo much already to Gaia that she is happy to provide in return, the beauty that she has to offer you. Cool breezes and sunshine are free and a gift from mother nature.  Drilling into the earth and building solar panels for air conditioning and energy is “new” but will also be antiquated soon enough.  Don’t worry about what the world calls energy conservation…energy does not need to be conserved it needs to be transformed on this planet.  And you do that already.  You always have, and it was only your belief that you had no control over it that made it seem like you were being wasteful.  That you COULD possibly be wasteful.  You won’t need these “tools” soon.  You create your reality when you trust and believe and why would you create a reality where you need someone to come drill into your land to put in a device to make you comfortable? Wouldn’t it be better to just believe you are comfortable for free? Without any cost? Without “sacrifice’? 

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