On Allowing Yourself to be Re-known…

Allowing yourself to be re-known is not as difficult as the ego thinks it will be.  Take each thing, each idea or concept of who you are and how you interact with the world outside of you, and remember that it is energy and has a frequency that can change simply by how you choose to interact with it.  By not judging or labeling or assigning assumptions to it it shifts and can be something new in a different frequency.  Big shifts don’t always appear big in the moment you decide to accept or allow them.  You can re-know yourself as an energetic being that affects change just by your reaction or lack of reaction, your thoughts, and your “being” different in your frequency.  It doesn’t mean you have to suddenly dress in cargo shorts and cut your hair.  You are knowing yourself as MORE, not with different labels.  More just expands on who you can be and if you know you can be more things than you will likely choose different things to be and express as then your ego-self would have.  Like abundant and happy and safe and validated.  And in that way you are re-knowing yourself and it will feel great!  Everything can be “re-known” as more.  

The ability to see all the options is overwhelming.  You have done this before, however.  Before incarnating, you made these choices from the higher plane for the aspect of you who would forget. Now you get to make the decisions while in form in a body and interacting with a 3D field.  We are very excited to see how you choose!  You can not get it wrong and you will have all the “time” you need, but the “best” choice is to always allow for something better and different to come into your awareness. Don’t limit yourself to what the ego can imagine, because that is never the highest and best.  Let go of the need to fit into a safe cocoon of the “known.”  That is not the way to create magic. xxoo

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