“I would never choose “that”….

When we say that you are making a choice, we are saying you, as the being-in-form, have chosen a frequency and have chosen to encounter an experience that matches that frequency.  It is not a choice of the ego.  It is not a choice of the conscious part of you. The choice may say “I have not yet accepted myself as worthy, please show me in another way that I am.” or it may be “I am not yet able to accept this aspect as part of me, please show me again that I AM all things.”  All choices are to bring you back to knowing yourself as whole, as all that is, and as perfect in every expression. And you choose, in every now, where you are on that path; the path that slowly reveals more of the ALL that you are.  

The ego always wants you to be something and somewhere that it says you are “not.” That is what drives the small self forward into more knowing.  The higher aspects of you are propelled forward through curiosity and wonder.  Those are the aspects that picked the experiences such as illness and war.  The aspect of you that wondered “who am I without health? Without safety?”  And you go about designing lifetimes that build context in order for you to experience (and then know) these answers in new ways, each time. They will be NEW each time you experience them or else you wouldn’t be experiencing them. While the theme may be the same, the experience itself is always NEW as it is seen from a new perspective, the perspective of someone who has experienced that theme already, in other ways. 

So how do we “get what we want?”  You always get what YOU want.  You are the observer and you want a specific experience to observe. That is what you will always get. The ego’s definition of “you” is very limited, which puts limits on what you can have, and how, and when you can have it.  The ego chooses limits and that is what the ego gets in return. Because frequencies will always be matched.  When you start wanting from a higher perspective your wants begin to come from a place without limits. When you start to ALLOW experiences without the requirements of the ego you get the answers to your questions much faster and can move through these less enjoyable states and experiences quickly.  When you trust that the experiences in your life are simply for the knowing of the ALL, not as punishment or reward, you shift your perspective and your context of the experience.  This is what you were always doing, with your choices.  But when you start to reach higher perspectives you no longer have the desire for denser experiences built upon duality as they do not align with your current frequency.  

There are other ways of experiencing yourself, and of knowing the All that you are. Those denser experiences only work when you agree to the context of duality, fear, lack, and the labels of the “not self.”  When you start to strip away the layers of “not self” and the rules, regulations and limits that you agreed to…that is when the fun part begins.  That is when the view outside your eyes starts looking more like a fairy tale. xxoo

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