[8/14/20] On achromatic color & invites to the New Earth

Achromatic color: Relating to lenses that transmit light without separating it into constituent colors. Colors that have lightness but no hue or saturation. Achromatic lenses are corrected to bring two wavelengths into focus on the same plane.

This is in reference to where the human collective is at this moment, energetically.  Two fields of understanding.  Two perspectives both laid on the earth plane. This is where much of the division lies on your planet, not in the obvious “this fear vs that fear.”  They are both living in fear.  Today there are two distinct Earth’s to choose from. Very few are ready to join you on the heart centered plane where you know yourselves as creators of your reality.  You have only just arrived yourself!  But it is important to make it as welcoming as possible and empower others to join you there.  Show them it is an OPTION.  We will allow you a few months for preparations.  We know you don’t like to throw a party without all the appropriate trappings. 

 In a few more months there will be more invitations sent, and your doors will be open for the next wave of humans who are ready! Those who decided they are done with the fear, the control, the narrative of the “not self.”  It is their path and they are welcome to choose the distance and scenery.  It is your job to trust that they are on their way.  To make sure that they know they are not only welcome, but that you built it FOR THEM.  You filled it with all of their favorite things! It is not a stuffy mansion or silent buddist retreat!  It is the soul’s playroom.  Where they can know and try everything in a new way without the fear of failure or FOMO. It is a party with a never ending buffet of experiences. 

But for many years both realities will co-exist.  Both will be visible to you and to those who choose to join you in this creational state. All of humanity is still one. You can not leave each other behind until all pass through in one way or another.  Both groups can see the demarcation of the other.  The difference is stark and vivid.  This is for a reason.  We want those who have not yet chosen to step up into these higher realms to be face to face with the possibilities. They need to work harder and harder to deny that they are powerful creators and that they are separate from those in the playroom.  Two wavelengths, both in focus, will bring clarity for the collective. xxoo

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