You are connecting with LOVE

You are connecting with LOVE.  Love at different levels.  Whichever one that you are vibrating with at that moment. Love has many different names depending on its frequency. Love can be known as Joy and Love can be known as shame.  Shame is just Love for “another” over ourselves.  It is still Love. Maranda has an ability to feel love for what it is at every level, and like a magnet she can draw it out of any dark place into the light. So when you write or “listen” you are finding and communicating the wisdom of what truly IS beneath the illusion.  Connecting with Divine truth.  The one is and the one is LOVE in a never-ending rainbow of shades and forms.  That is beauty. That is the artist and the creator. The one who connects with a vibration of Love and brings it into form. “Dense” energies are full of really really really concentrated Love.  So much Love! So when Maranda draws it out of the darkness it keeps on coming and coming and coming! Like a magician’s scarf or a clown car.  Little love clowns beaming with excitement to be joining the light! Dense energies have patience (thousands of years worth!) because they knew that being pressed together for so long will create the most beautiful and loving environment EVER, in this universe. Like a diamond, the strongest and clearest (important) love energies.  When this diamond vibration is reached you will be able to “see”, feel, experience the “other”, that is you, in a way you can’t understand yet.  But, believe me, it’s GOOD.

Just as you are a magnet for Love… your highest experiences pull you to them in a way that is equal to how you need to experience them.  Your ego can’t understand and you aren’t ready to be without it yet, so it may make the road to what you want blurry. Like two different prescription glasses on top of the other.  Trust your feelings.  More so than what you see in front of you.  You will get what you desire my little bird because if you feel it, it must be vibrating with such tremendous Love and light energy.  It’s calling you to it.  I can’t wait for you to get it and to raise your heart resonance even higher! It is all so close.  The home, the belonging, is a frequency. One you miss dearly and can “breathe” in.  You have to wait for the earth and your body to catch up.  Patience…like the diamond has…is your greatest strength.  Just enjoy the ride.

Your path is the path Love makes in the world.  You are not the only one.  There are many more fireflies on the earth right now.  What does a firefly need to be it’s brightest, but dark nights!! Xoxo

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