[3/7/20] On releasing…

You are ready to release paradigms, and your difficulties lie in the way you think about your environment.  You feel it is foreign and that you will never understand it enough to “get it right” so it hasn’t mattered what variety of diet or communicating or what what facts or teachings you have attached to at that moment  They weren’t ever going to solve it.  There is no RIGHT way. What is “right” is the perspective that you ARE perfect in every moment.  For example, when you eat an apple don’t think about what the apple IS.  Stop labeling the apple, the action, the whatever.  It is an experience you are having.  “I’m tasting this” “I’m being comforted by this” “I’m feeling weak or wrong because of this.”  Connect with the feelings and the experience, the frequency.  They are each perfect in that moment.  You don’t necessarily need to know WHY you are feeling it.  You will be served best with flowing with it.  The understanding is much more helpful at lower levels because the ego needs that to evolve.  The being that you are doesn’t not need that ego control.  Thoughts are your ego’s biggest strength.  The hidden one’s used to be the worst but now that you have released these the ego is still using the conscious thoughts to maintain “order.” Releasing the thoughts is the best thing you can do.  Don’t try to stop them, just observe them.  They are not YOU.  They don’t create your world, but your attachment to them does.  Be more martian. Just ACT on impulse.  You have always felt you need to logic, learn, and order through life to exist in a calm balanced way that connected you with the mundane world.  And that helped you adapt, learn and grow in a foreign environment very quickly.  You had to understand lifetimes worth of human-ness in only a few short years! And you did it! But now it’s time to go with your gut.  It’s not wasting all that you learned.  That was all important in it’s own way.  Directly and indirectly.  Be so grateful for all of those who insisted you figure out how to do it their way.  It showed you a variety of lifetimes.  You were able to empathize with them all.  You really felt it!  So be thankful.  Have gratitude, but now don’t be affected by the “facts, figures, advice” and the thoughts that you are still in discovery mode of what’s “right.”  Let go! We keep giving you signs that prove you know enough.  School’s over. Time to trust in what’s inside.  Your “higher self” is bringing you these experiences now for your highest good.  If you give up trying to control by taking “this thing” or sticking to “that schedule” then it will all work out AMAZING!! You’re not the captain of the ship right now, enjoy the scenery!! 

If you don’t feel comfortable with something for whatever reason (label) it is just a way to stop you from doing something that isn’t in your highest good.  Not doing something because you “feel fat,” for example, shouldn’t be judged for a negative thought.  It is just a cognitive way of rationalizing and giving a “why” to your gut instincts.  Just keep it to “I don’t want to do that right now.” In this moment it is not for you.  No need for more reasoning! No more details necessary.  It was just your gut all along! xxoo

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